Thursday, May 21, 2009

What are the different types of plans that organizations can use?

In general, the organizational plan tries to establish a platform of organization within the company, so that the latter may accomplish its mission, its strategy and its objectives. This plan should define the functions and the communication and control lines associated with the plan of action and operation of the company. Therefore, the company's mission, strategy and objectives will determine the type of structure to be adopted, as well as the processes, resources and competences required for its operation. Here are some examples of different types of plans that organizations can use:

1. Financial Plan
2. Production Plan
3. Marketing / Sales Plan
4. Personnel / Human Resources Management Plan
5. Organizational Plan

In order to run the business correctly and smoothly all the above mentioned plans are essential for any company. My company is no different. All the plans are a sub section of a Business Plan for the company. All plans intermingle with each other throughout the fiscal year. For example if the revenues are low, the marketing increases it’s efforts, the cash flow is adjusted accordingly.

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